Working Remotely – Good or Bad?

I currently am working alone in my office, however, I’m not really alone – there’s the Twitterverse and I am constantly talking to 3 other people who are all crucial in the business. There’s Roger who is part of the YKW family (called Media Two in Australia), then there’s Kieran my trusty freelancer and Hannah my remote PA.  

This has made me start to think, with the revolution of web cameras, the built in isight cameras on Macs and Skype I could easily build a true e-studio at the drop of a hat, if you are working on something do you really need/want the distraction of other people in the office? Although this can be great at times, as I’ve experienced, I’m sure most people, like me,  would like the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself. 

So imagine being an e-designer, coming into work in the morning, scheduling a time for a quick meeting to discuss the days work via Skype or ichat – then heading off for the day to do your job, all from the comfort of your own home and without being micromanaged. Finish up the day with a quick get together online and voila, you have an e-studio. 

I might think seriously about doing this, I’m shortly going to be needing someone on a more permanent basis but why follow the run of the mill, they don’t need to be here with me, all I’m interested in is someone with great skills and can work proactively on their own without me holding their hands and the chances are they are outside the 10 mile radius of where I work, so why not?