Working by Candlelight

There’s something so soothing about working by candlelight. This week is a particuarly tough week for me, as it’s the anniversary of Mum passing away, so I’m trying my hardest to do things that lift my spirits. 

Working by candlelight and not by an additional flourecent is really helping. So is my new favourite de-stresser, warm home-made almond milk with a little vanilla sugar. Zen in a cup. 

My AEA Speaker Bag had some amazing raw chocolate in it too – all made with natural ingredients by Great Bean in Austin. I’ve just become a little obsessed with their website and what the power of raw chocolate can apparently do for me. Who knew? 

I also picked up a BKR whilst in LA – prompting me to drink more water whilst statically working at my desk for hours on end!  

Happy Wednesday Night, fellow workers!