TwelveSouth Travel Journal

TwelveSouth Travel Journal
TwelveSouth Travel Journal

I’ve been so lucky that my job has afforded me the luxury of travelling over the past few years. I’ve come up with all kinds of travel hacks along the way to keep all my stuff within reach, but ultimately, it becomes a mad rush, the morning of travelling, to find all the correct cables, adapters and chargers; hurriedly stuff them into various ill-fitting cases and run to the airport, patting my jacket pocket for my passport along the way.

I love anything by TwelveSouth. I proudly hold my BookBook case and get comments, every time, about how beautiful it is; I was beyond excited to see they released the Travel Journal, a case in the same vein as the BookBook range, to hold all your chargers and cables in a made-for-purpose case. It also holds your iPad in a soft-pocket envelope to the side.

Here’s my travel must-haves for long plane journeys.

Apple Mag-safe airline adapter
Apple USB to ethernet adapter – some hotels still don’t have Wifi. £25.00
Plugbug World – a piggybacking double-speed charging device for your existing laptop charger. $44.99
Apple Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter £25.00
Anker Battery Pack (holds five iPhone charges) – £25.00
Apple Magic Mouse – I always carry a spare, I find intricate UI work with a trackpad, impossible. – £59.00