The New Direct Selection Tool: Photoshop CC

This has been my biggest workflow killer since the new release. Happily, on Jessica’s recommendation a while back, I switched the shortcut keys of the direct selection and path selection tools to “A” and “S” respectively so that I could quickly switch during UI work. I made the upgrade to Photoshop CC last week and weirdly, the direct selection tool no longer works in the way I’ve been used to for years and years. Apparently, it is a feature of the new CC interface but, I can’t get my head around it at all.

For the moment, I’ve worked out, if you try and direct select by clicking the path, expecting the empty boxes at each corner to pop up, like before, they won’t. To get these back, hit the “escape” key once you’ve got the black “path selection” squares up at all corners. This de-selects all points and allows you to re-select using the direct selection tool once more.

N.B. Looking on the Adobe Forums, you can also option+click on the path/direct selection tool in the toolbar to revert to previous behaviour. But you have to do this every single time.