Let’s Help a Small Business Owner

Meet Barry, Barry is the owner of Tabor-Jones Ltd a local building company in my area. Barry has slowly been building up his company from scratch over the past two years, through hard work and determination, like all good business owners. Tabor-Jones have just completed our recent kitchen renovation and I’m pleased to report, they firmly brush off the stigma attached to builders, they turned up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, and amongst the chaos, they were a joy to have in the house – they are the type of business that deserves to succeed.

The Problem.
Barry recently moved his telephone line from Utility Warehouse to Sky/BT, in the process, despite telling them how important it was that he retained his telephone number, they have assigned him a brand new one. Between Sky and BT, they are denying to claim responsibility for their actions and instead have offered an “internal investigation” as to why it occurred. An internal investigation doesn’t help a small business that has a telephone number printed on banners, shop fronts, leaflets, and vans. The cost to change a telephone number, aside from lost business and time, is going to run into four figures, or Sky/BT can own up to the mistake, and get someone on the case so that a small business does not have to suffer. This attitude of not dealing with something because it’s outside of a handbook, has got to stop.

Please tweet @BTcare including @taborjonesltd and help get a small business back on its feet.