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Sarah Parmenter is a multi-disciplinary designer who hails from the English seaside and travels the globe to speak at the world’s leading conferences. She has a client list that includes Blackberry, News International, STV and The National Breast Cancer Foundation of America and specialises in interface design for iOS — a skill she can often be found sharing with others at various workshops and seminars. Sarah is the owner of design studio You Know Who, co-host of the Happy Monday podcast, and was voted .Net Magazine’s ‘Designer of The Year’ in 2011. She lives in Essex with her husband and dog, and wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine, thank you.

Elliot Jay Stocks
by Elliot Jay Stocks

Sarah Parmenter is a web-centric wonder-woman and owner of You Know Who Design, a multi-disciplinary studio that specializes in interface design for iOS. When not spending hours upon hours in her Essex studio making pixel-perfect creations, she can be found on stages around the world inspiring and educating others. Aside from her work for clients like Blackberry and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, she also co-hosts the Happy Monday podcast and always has another fun project in the works. In 2011 she was named .net magazine’s ‘Designer of the Year’, she’s never afraid to point out English-isms, and is the girliest “dude-girl” I know.

Jessica Hische
by Jessica Hische

Sarah Parmenter is one of the funniest, nicest, and most impressive designer/entrepreneurs I know. She plunged into this toughly competitive profession at 19, an age when most of us weren’t capable of plunging into anything. Scant years later, she has built an internationally respected web and iOS design practice, with clients including Blackberry, News International, STV, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation of America. A jet-setting speaker, Sarah excels at teaching, and she is a riot with a few cocktails in her. She is also a professional singer and actress, and co-hosts a popular weekly design podcast. In 2011, at .net Magazine’s annual awards show, Sarah’s peers voted her ‘Designer of the Year’. She can probably levitate.

Jeffrey Zeldman
by Jeffrey Zeldman

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Sarah Parmenter
Sarah Parmenter
Sarah Parmenter