Please help Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales are facing closure. They rehome 2500 dogs each year, working tirelessly for the wellbeing of each and every animal that passes through. The chances are, you’ve never heard of them; they don’t spend donations on TV adverts that tug on heartstrings only to spend the money on more TV adverts. Every penny goes to the dogs.

You wouldn’t believe the places these dogs get rescued from. and if you knew the full story, it would give you nightmares. Oscar had never known a proper bed, you can see from the picture on the left of him at the rescue; he would curl himself in balls trying to get comfy on the floor. When it rains, he tries to sleep under bushes for cover. It’s heartbreaking

As a community, we’ve seen ridiculous things raise substantial sums of cash. We’re good at rallying, we’re excellent at finding the untrodden paths to solve puzzles like this that are just not on the radar of others. The immediate issue is the Amazon distribution centre in Wales was donating broken bags of dog food to them – this distribution centre is relocating to Scotland, withdrawing support for the rescue, leaving them in immediate need of dog food and/or cash to buy dog food.

Considering what we see raise crazy sums, I’m hoping there’s enough kind hearted dog lovers in our industry to achieve this modest goal. I’ve spoken with the rescue this morning and they’ve approved some dog food that I’ve managed to find for £11.79 including VAT per 15kg. If we reach our goal, we’ll be able to buy them enough food to last a year.

I’m appealing to all dog owners/lovers to help keep Many Tears thriving and not living hand to mouth so they can focus entirely on the dogs.

How you can help:

Thank you on behalf of all these beautiful souls – both the dogs and the people dealing with the nastier side of what the human race is capable of doing to animals.