My 10 Things

I saw this on a completely unrelated blog via Pinterest and thought it would make a change from the normal questions I get asked about the industry.

I’m happiest when… I am indoors, warm, and you hear the pitter patter of rain outside, when my dog tucked up in his bed under my desk, I’m in the company of friends and laughing so hard that my sides hurt, and when I have all the family under one roof.

The best place to be in the summer… I love my parents apartment in Spain, but since I’ve been conferencing for a few years, I haven’t been down there. Anywhere warm enough to not need a cardigan, whether it is in England or abroad, gets my vote.

I could spend the whole day… sketching in the sunshine with my dog at my side, browsing Pinterest for recipes, baking or snuggled on the sofa with a blanket watching trashy tv or reading a geeky book.

I always wanted to be… loved, to be influential enough to make a difference to others not as fortunate as me, and above all, happy and healthy.

Favorite thing about my house… that my Pops (Grandad) helped me to buy it with the inheritance he left me, that one side overlooks the sea and the other overlooks a park, and the fact the office is at the back of the house, far enough away to segregate it from the main living areas.

For inspiration I… browse Pinterest for unrelated media, perhaps photographs that have nice colours that I can pull out, or a design element from an everyday object. I tend to stay off Dribbble for inspiration as it leads to copycat ideas rather than my own.

It’s worth the splurge… a glass of champagne, good furniture that will last you years, Apple hardware, diamonds.

Words I live by… expect nothing, appreciate everything.

Day I’d love to live again… the day I met my husband, I wish I had realised just how significant crossing off other plans were that day, and doing the thing I least wanted to do instead would actually change my life.

Brings out the best in me… a tan, heels, a wonderful client, getting a message from a friend that could be nothing but says they are thinking about you, getting flowers, 7 hours sleep.