Insites: The Book

As I sit to write this post, I realise I’ve seen Insites grow and evolve over the last year. It’s been fascinating to watch and thrilling to be a part of. Keir and Elliot asked me to be a part of the original Insites Tour in Brighton in 2011 and subsequently, the book that followed. I love the ethos of it, and they’re right – the conversations that often happen backstage at conferences are the snippets I’ve relished over the years. The small quips that have made me laugh, inspired me and pushed me forward, yet until now, remained undocumented.

Fast forward to Brooklyn Beta where Elliot and Keir were busy interviewing various folk who were in town that week, my time didn’t come until May 2012.

My interview came at an interesting time, I’d just finished a run in a show, the ying to my internet yang and the very thing that nearly derailed me from being part of this industry. I talk about it all in the book. That day in particular sticks in my mind because, talking so frankly about why I’d made certain choices in my life, I realised how lucky I was that I was entirely at peace and happy with the choices I had made along the way.

The book talks about, the often unspoken, failures, success and industry stories that made everyone who they are today. I’ve loved reading it, and even though I’m lucky to call many of the people featured, friends, I still learnt so much and couldn’t put it down.

If you would like a copy, you can get it here.