Handy Shortcuts and Timesavers

This is an almost incomprehensible list of handy shortcuts and timesavers that were sent to me from Twitter followers and friends yesterday. I promised I would blog, so here they are. Thank you to everyone who sent them in, we think we’ve just about caught them all.

Apologies that the formatting is a little hard, there’s no easy way to credit everyone and present such a huge list, and since Kathryn has been doing this all day, she needs a cup of tea now! Enjoy as best you can.


Sublime 2James Seymour-Lock, Tane Piper, Aaron.
Also love the ST2 shortcuts – just the default, such as multiple cursors, quick moving of code etc. Coding so much quicker now! – Rachel Shillcock.
Ctrl+P to open files by title, and Ctrl+R to go to functions by name, both in Sublime Text 2. Simple, yet effective. – Gonçalo Morais.
zenCoding in Sublime Text 2 + CodeKitPrisca Schmarsow.
Zen-coding(Now Emmet), Sublime Text 2’s multi cursors. CodeKit to compile jade, LESS etc. I can now design in browser quickly. – Chris Mousdale.
Code snippets in Coda 2. –Stuart Robson.
I made a Text Expander snippet: for designing in a browser. >out Expands to: outline 1px solid red; – Andy Clarke.
Turning off autocorrect everywhere and using my own Text Expander snippets to correct. –Pam McCormac.
Hayaku is like that but has been a revelation for my css writing this week. Only if you use Sublime Text though I think. – Liam Jay.
Ctrl + shift + c – to comment / uncomment whole chunks of code in netbeans. saves a lot of time. – Fearless Flyer.
Beanstalk for deploying websites. – Steve McKinney.
SASS + Compass. – Johnny Martin.
Front end, html 5 boilerplate is win! – Drew Watson.
The Query Extender control saves me loads of time manipulating data. –Drew Watson.
Dash (+ multiple snippets for coding) – Prisca Schmarsow.
Using Divvy for rapid testing at different viewport widths https://cole007.net/blog/110/using-divvy-for-rapid-testing-of-responsive-designCole Henley.


Ctrl+E to merge in Photoshop, multi-line editing in NotePad++, F2 to rename in Windows, Win+D to minimise everything – the list is endless! – Luc Pestille.
Ctrl+Alt+R uploads a png of my current Photoshop doc to CloudApp then copies the link to clipboard. Always feels so efficient! – Chloe Briggs.
Cmd + F6 for a Photoshop action that slices whatever layers are selected into a new window so I can easily save it: https://dribbble.com/shots/366877-SliceExtractor. – Jenni Leder.
Opt + click on the Eye Icon in Photoshop will hide the other layers from view. – Beardy.
Theres a duplicate group function between files in Photoshop CS6 ..Best ever! not quite a shortcut but as far as time savers go. Open both files, In source file right click said group, choose ‘Duplicate Group.’ choose destination filename from dropdown. Hit OK. – Brendan Devine.

Software and General Shortcuts

Alt+Space for Alfred App – Robert Eerhart, Johnathan Barrett, Rachel Shillcock, Wes Maynard, Aaron, Dan Mall.
⌘+§ : Alfred (appLaunch+ calculator) – Prisca Schmarsow.
Biggest time saver for me is in Alfred App, Alt-Cmd-/ opens up the previous path. Garrett Coakley.
Installing https://dashkards.com on my dashboard for easy reference for loads of shortcuts. I use the markdown one constantly. – Relly Annett-Baker, Ollie Wells.
Mail.app smart mailboxes. I divide my inbox up into today thisweek thismonth etc. It’s not inbox zero. But makes mail manageable. – The Sev.
Smart folders is genius. I also have gmail auto filter stuff into folders and then just have a smart folder pointing at it. I then have all normal folders hidden and just watch smart folders. Makes life easier, both management wise and mentally. – The Sev.
“Cmd + Ctrl + 4” for grabbing selected screenshots on OS X. So handy. #shortcuts #osx – Adrian Hart.
Cmd+shift+g to get around finder folders quickly. Cmd+opt+shift+s PS save for web. – Aaron.
Bizarrely using CMD + Spacebar as a launcher. Though Quicksilver and Alfred are better at learning. – Josh Peters.
Cmd + \ to login with 1Password in browsers. Didn’t realize how much it’d save me till I started using it. – James Wilson.
I think it would maybe be the web clipper plugin for Evernote. Quick and easy to capture web content & add to “>Evernote. – Chris.
Windows + E for launching Explorer. I must hit that combo 30-40+ times per day! – Mark Hambley.
On the Mac: Command + Tab to shuffle through open applications, it’s a simple one, but saves a ton of time. – Prof Clayton.
Mac: Option + Left or Right Arrow while edit text to jump words at at time. Add Shift key to the mix for extra fun. – Jeffrey Lynch.
I have my Pomodoro App scripted to close email and Twitter at the start of each session. – Drew McLellan.
Dull but it’s CMD Tab to switch windows and CMD+Alt + Arrow direction in Chrome to switch tabs. – Alistair Lane.
Msg Filer to move emails to their correct folder within Mail.app from the keyboard with minimal key presses. – Rob Allen.
Cmd+Shift+! for Cloud App, Ctrl+Shift+Space for Cobook, Cmd+’ for indent level in Mail.app. – Dan Mall.
Installing Cloud App and learning its shortcuts for speedy screenshot sharing – v useful for bug reports. – Ben Bodien.
Ctrl+v to open Clip Menu – free clipboard manager & code snippet tool. Love it as much as Alfred App. – Vittorio Veneto.
In Chrome – Cmd Shift T reopens the tab you just mistakenly closed. – Elliot Ross.
It’s a small thing but Alt Shift – gives you a much nicer em dash. – Stewart Curry.
The combination of CoffeeScript, LESS, CodeKit and TextMate with Persistent Includes. Solid gold. – Chriztian Steinmeier.
Canned responses in GMail combined with TextExpander work really well for me for handling lots of regular email stuff. – Des Traynor.
Cmd shift and d in mail app. – James Deer.
CleanMyMac from Macpaw – Constantly keeping my mac optimum and clearing space. – Carl W Crawley.
Ctrl-r in the terminal to search through command history. – Joseph Le Brech.