Gifts for Geeks 2010

I thought I’d give everyone a bit of a helping hand and point you in the right direction (or the right direction to point friends and family to) for Geeky Christmas presents of 2010. Some of them have Cyber Monday deals and some have only one available, especially those listed on Etsy, so be sure to act fast if you find something you fancy.

NOTE: There’s no affiliate links, I’m not making any money from any of the gifts listed below, it’s just stuff I like that I’ve found over the weekend and collated just for you.

So here goes…

UpStand, Iconic Aluminium iPad Stand

Beautifully designed sturdy iPad stand, finished in rubber to hold it firmly in place. Also compatible with most iPad cases too.

Browser Sketch Pad

Link to a site selling a similar thing but in the UK (save on postage)
Sketch website and UI ideas to your hearts content, also available as iPhone and iPad versions.
Browser Pad

ONLY 3 LEFT – Pixel Christmas Cards

Also try their Pixel Gift Tags.
Geek Christmas Notecards

8Faces Magazine – Great stocking filler!

For anyone interested in Typography or just generally enjoys reading about some of the best font designers in the world, this magazine would make a great stocking filler and dispatched in time for Christmas.
8 Faces Magazine

Daily Drop Cap Letterpress Wall Print

Know someone who loves Typography? With only 75 in existence, this limited edition letterpress print would be a great addition to any budding typographers office wall.
Daily Drop Cap Print

Wooden ‘Think’ sign

I purchased a ‘Geek’ one of these the other day and featured it on my blog. I believe myself and another fellow Twitterer got the last of the geek ones, but may be worth asking if this is the word you would prefer? They’ve got tons of other great stuff in their Etsy shop and 15% off until Cyber Monday.
Think Wooden Sign

Hardboiled Web Design

Mum’s, Dad’s, listen up. If you think your son/daughter “tinkers” around on the internet all day – just buy this book, it’s going down in history as a “must have” for the bookshelf.
Hardboiled Web Design

BookBook Macbook Case

A hardback original looking leather case to carry your Macbook Pro around in.
Hardback Leather Case for Macbook Pro

Farmville Cake Toppers

Know someone who loves Farmville? Let’s face it, we all do. Treat them to some Farmville Cake Toppers on Christmas Day and maybe they will finally stop trying to send you a bale of hay and a stray cow.
Farmville Cake Toppers

Day Ruining Notepads

Know someone who likes to moan about what trouble their clients have caused them today? Order up some of Jessica Hische’s fabulous (letterpress cover) Day Ruining Notepads.
Day Ruining Notepads

Geek Pillows

From £13
For the soft-furnishing of your office, this shop has geek pillows to suit every taste.
Geek Pillows

Facebook ‘Like’ Necklace

$49.00 For the Facebook addict in your family.
Facebook Like Necklace

Wooden Laptop Case

At just over £200/$320 it’s expensive, but it’s beautiful, enough said.
Wooden Laptop Case

iPhone & iPad Movie Peg – Great Stocking Filler

from £4.99 – 20% ends Monday 29th November
Brendan gave me one of these at FOWD London this year and it’s absolutely brilliant for watching films on the go, anywhere that has those tiny fold out tray tables this little gadget really comes into its own, allowing you to sit back and comfortably watch anything you like.
Movie Peg

Moo Mosaic Frame

Position your MiniMoo Cards to make the perfect arrangement, portrait or landscape.
Moo Mosaic Frame

Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskines

£24.95 – use the code GEEKUP for 10% off too
Each notebook cover is printed with pixelated imagery depicting the game that includes Pac-Man, ghost characters, fruit imagery. It also contains some mini-stickers featuring icons from the game. All contained neatly in the hard card box sleeve.
Pacman Moleskines

A Book Apart – CSS3 For Web Designers

$18 (Paperback)
You can’t go wrong with any of the books in this series actually, HTML5 For Web Designers is also an excellent choice. Great stocking filler for the geek in your life.
A Book Apart

Hard Graft Laptop Bag

Absolutely stunning italian made laptop bag from the people at Hard Graft.
HardGraft Bag

24 Ways Annual 2010 – Note: Delivered after Christmas

24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December a daily dose of web design and development goodness is published to bring a little Christmas cheer with all proceeds going to Unicef.

2011 Time Travellers Calendar – Great Stocking Filler!

This calendar takes 95 time travel occurrences and places them on a single timeline. Watch thousands of years of time travel take place over the course of 12 months!

Nabaztag Rabbit

I desperately want one of these cute little guys – set it up for all sorts of fun and explained far better on their website.

If there’s anything else you feel should be featured here, please post it in the comments and I’ll add if appropriate!