Future of Web Design, London

I’m frantically trying to respond to all my email, paint my nails, pack, transfer my final slide deck to Dropbox and switch on my auto-responder, which must mean one thing, tonight is the start of Future of Web Design, London.

I’m really honoured to be speaking at this web conference, it was the first web conference I attended back in 2007 and I can honestly say my working life changed for the better from that day forward. At that time I was on the brink of giving up working for myself, having had enough (at the time) of the stress and strain of dealing with everything myself and carrying (what felt like) the weight of the world on my shoulders and instead, “working for the man”, but turning down “that” job for a company in Chelmsford, was the best decision I ever made. After meeting so many great people at FOWD and having a chat about the trials and tribulations of working for yourself, I realised I wasn’t alone and came away with a spring in my step and a weight off my shoulders, I haven’t looked back since.

So, what should you expect from my talk at FOWD? Well, it’s a monster. We’ve got 10 Principles of iPhone User Interface Design to get through, I’ll be talking about everything that will involve a design decision when approaching an iPhone UI project, including how development choices affect your design, how Apple would like you to approach designing for an application, the best way to produce innovative and inspiring documents to your clients and the all important taboo subject of pricing UI design. I have pitched it at people who are dabbling in UI design, just starting out or know nothing about it at all. If you are a developer with limited design experience, you would also get a lot out of this talk either for guidelines to pass to a designer or to have the confidence to have a go yourself.

Also, in the afternoon of Wednesday the 19th, I’m running a design clinic, along with Elliot Jay Stocks, Remy Sharp, Dan Rubin and Paul Boag from 3.10pm – 4.15pm where you can swing by and have a chat about your latest project, and get specific advice and help there and then.

If iPhone UI Design isn’t your cup of tea, then the fabulous Web Standardistas are on the other stage talking about User Experience Design, which I’m sure will be great and I’m sad to not see myself.

Look forward to meeting you all there…