Next week I’m involved in something called ConfShop for Viewport Industries. It’s a bit of a blend between a mini-conference and a workshop, with all the best social aspects blended in for good measure. The idea is to discuss topics such as;

Client Work VS Products
Business and funding
Side Projects
Work/Life balance

…and have an open discussion in small groups of 25 or less around each of these areas, picking up tips, tricks and ideas as you go. I’m leading the Work/Life balance group as a curator. Everyone will get to attend all four groups however, and we’ll convene, at the end of the day to round up what we all learnt from one another.

It’s an intimate event, something a bit different and something you’ll definitely be able to take stuff home from, honing processes and techniques and perhaps some new ideas along the way.

I believe there are only 10 spaces or so left for the event, and as it’s this time next week – you’ll want to get a wiggle on if you’re planning on attending.

I’d love to see you there. It’s at the swanky Altitude 360 at the top of London’s Millbank Tower on Friday 5th of July.

Get your tickets.

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