Celebrating the Power of Female Friendships with Adobe XD

This quarter I got to work on a really exciting project in collaboration with Adobe XD. The brief was slightly open to interpretation and one of the themes put forward back in February was “Celebrating the good in the world” by creating content that speaks to a cultural trend or moment in time.

There was an app/website that I had in mind that I had always wanted to conceptualise, and this was the perfect excuse to make it somewhat a reality.

As someone who has lived for semi-long periods of time in new cities due to work, I always found it strange that the concept of women wanting to seek out friendships, was still a somewhat strange connotation in 2018. I wondered whether it was because dating apps have made the process seem gross, for some reason, so I set about designing a brand that would make lady-networking non-creepy, fun and somewhat cool.

The other thing I wished existed was a website that celebrated the power of female friendships through dual storytelling; both friendship perspectives but with the same questions posed. I’ve seen multiple interviews use similar techniques but I’d love a whole website of smart-lady-stories to keep my brain busy and inspired whenever I have a pocket of time to read an inspirational story.

To tell the other side of an interesting friendship story, I roped one of my oldest friends, Kara Tointon, into the other half of my project to tell our friendship from her perspective. We both had a lovely trip down memory lane, remembering snippets of our past and funny anecdotes that would help knit the story together of how we both carved out very different careers throughout our friendship and since leaving school in 2000.

Kara is a name in her own right in the UK, but I love that our story is probably like thousands of other friendships that have blossomed over the years but just never had their story told. We were both kids who just had an awful lot of passion and determination for our chosen subjects, I think we would both agree the foundations of our careers were built on this more than anything else academic that we came across, we didn’t follow the normal path; we were lucky in that our parents nurtured the side of us they could see came easily rather than pushing us to the academic side that we both had to work harder at.

So here’s the project, there’s a website and a mobile app, all dedicated to the power of female friendships and the good that can be put into the world by sharing our stories and connecting with other like-minded women.

You can see this full project plus working prototypes on Behance.

You can see this full project plus working prototypes on Behance.

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