Now for Something Entirely Different

I’ve been quiet. I know. It’s been a mixture of some very demanding client work and some personal musings over what will make me happy, both imminently, and in the future, and then making that happen. For a while, I’ve become quite obsessed with the notion of blending physical and digital together. I’ve often used […]


Josh Long, my partner in crime on Happy Monday – sent me his book ‘Execute’ a few months back. I opened the beautifully presented book, saw a nice hand-written note from Josh and started to read. Back then, I found it very hard to concentrate on anything due to a personal tragedy that had happened […]

Speaking Up

Six months ago, something happened to me that I kept quiet. Some of my best friends in the industry knew it was happening and tried to help as much as they could. I started writing a post back then about what happened, I got halfway through and found it too much. Coming back, maybe with […]

Besquare Interview Part 1

On a cold day in December, just before Christmas – Craig and his lovely partner came all the way down to Southend to interview me for Besquare, a fantastic resource for conference talks. I’m so pleased to be a part of it. You can find part 1 of the interview below, look out for a […]

Handy Shortcuts and Timesavers

This is an almost incomprehensible list of handy shortcuts and timesavers that were sent to me from Twitter followers and friends yesterday. I promised I would blog, so here they are. Thank you to everyone who sent them in, we think we’ve just about caught them all. Apologies that the formatting is a little hard, […]