How to Fire Someone the Polite and Decent Way

My first little venture into YouTube. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but for some reason, I was scared. I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into people thinking I was trying to jump on the YouTube bandwagon and start doing makeup tutorials or “November Favourites” videos. For me, there was a lack of […]

Learning Flexbox

Hot off the heels of speaking at An Event Apart – DC my inspiration tank was full and “flexbox” was a word resonating around the corridors and the conference room. I hadn’t had a period of self-learning for a little while, simply from being too chockablock with client work. I quickly realised I reverted to […]

Numi – A Calculator App for Mac

With my “salon” hat on, I have to do a lot of calculations per week. We keep track of individual stylist sales, downtime costs, product costs plus and minus VAT, you name it. Equally for You Know Who, I do a lot of USD -> GBP calculations. I stumbled upon Numi over the weekend, and […]

‘Jeffrey Zeldman Presents’ is 20 Years Old on Sunday

You can listen to me read this as an audio-blog with one of my favourite “Ziggy” stories bolted on at the end for good measure. (1 minute 30 seconds). ‘Jeffrey Zeldman Presents’ turns 20 this Sunday. Let’s let that sink in a little–20 years! When was the last time you stuck at something for 20 […]

Leaf by Bellabeat

I ordered mine last night. The Leaf by Bellabeat is the first tracker of its kind specifically designed for women. It helps you monitor your activity, sleep quality, stress levels and also understands your (or your partners) menstrual cycle. Shipping late June at a cost of $119 and shipping costs an additional $20 to the […]