Drawn on The Way

You can listen to me read this as an audio-blog. (2 minutes) Back in March, after a particularly bad day, I found myself deep in thought, slightly teary and giving myself an internal pep talk, whilst staring at the many characters riding the Metro in NYC that day. I glanced to my right to see […]

Ban Dog & Cat Testing in UK Laboratories

I don’t often share things like this, but this is close to my heart. If you have a furry friend and couldn’t bare the thought of them being subjected to cruelty, please think about sparing a minute of your time to add your name to the petition to ban UK laboratories being able to test […]

Selling Everything I Have, for Just Five Minutes

At the top of my road where I grew up — there is a toy shop. My Mum would sometimes take me there on the walk back from school, and very occasionally, I would be allowed to pick out a small piece of Playmobil. The top shelf of the Playmobil section was reserved for the larger pieces, […]

I am Not a Number: A Truly Awful User Experience

A week on, and I’m still numb and still very much in disbelief over losing my Mum so suddenly last Wednesday. While events of that day are still fresh, I want to talk about some of the things that negatively added to an already godawful day – the worst day of my life by far. […]

Help Appreciated.

UPDATE: Rik Penny from Ripe Digital took care of all the print for the funeral. I was overwhelmed with the quality, professionalism and kindness they showed me and can wholeheartedly recommend them for any print work. Note. I’m not looking for freebies whatsoever, I just don’t know the best way of getting them printed. Lots […]