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Getting a Job in a Recession

So, I’ve made no secret that I’ve headed in a different direction recently, starting up my own actual “thing” and enjoying every second of it. It has enabled me to slow down and enjoy my client work even more. As…


Now for Something Entirely Different

I’ve been quiet. I know. It’s been a mixture of some very demanding client work and some personal musings over what will make me happy, both imminently, and in the future, and then making that happen. For a while, I’ve…



Josh Long, my partner in crime on Happy Monday – sent me his book ‘Execute’ a few months back. I opened the beautifully presented book, saw a nice hand-written note from Josh and started to read. Back then, I found…


Speaking Up

Six months ago, something happened to me that I kept quiet. Some of my best friends in the industry knew it was happening and tried to help as much as they could. I started writing a post back then about…


Besquare Interview Part 1

On a cold day in December, just before Christmas – Craig and his lovely partner came all the way down to Southend to interview me for Besquare, a fantastic resource for conference talks. I’m so pleased to be a part…


Handy Shortcuts and Timesavers

This is an almost incomprehensible list of handy shortcuts and timesavers that were sent to me from Twitter followers and friends yesterday. I promised I would blog, so here they are. Thank you to everyone who sent them in, we…