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Past Work

Yes it’s old, yes it has gradients and buttons that look like buttons, and pre-iOS7 aesthetics, but I’m sure you can look through all that and still appreciate good design? Here’s a selection of projects from yonder years, gone, fulfilled…


Gracefully Bowing Out of Giant Conference

I pulled out of Giant Conference because I recently found out a significant number of speakers were being paid, when I had to fight to get my full travel expenses reimbursed. Speakers with whom, I regularly share a stage. I…


TwelveSouth Travel Journal

TwelveSouth Travel Journal I’ve been so lucky that my job has afforded me the luxury of travelling over the past few years. I’ve come up with all kinds of travel hacks along the way to keep all my stuff within…



Next week I’m involved in something called ConfShop for Viewport Industries. It’s a bit of a blend between a mini-conference and a workshop, with all the best social aspects blended in for good measure. The idea is to discuss topics…


The New Direct Selection Tool: Photoshop CC

This has been my biggest workflow killer since the new release. Happily, on Jessica’s recommendation a while back, I switched the shortcut keys of the direct selection and path selection tools to “A” and “S” respectively so that I could…


Throwing it Out There

I’ve been wondering about the best way to handle memberships within a physical environment, such as a shop. I want to be able to allocate services to that membership and then when that person comes into the shop to redeem…