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The New Macbook Pro with Touchbar

  I purchased my new MacBook Pro on a flight from London to San Francisco in the Autumn. I felt all futuristic as I secured one of the new machines whilst on a poor internet connection, blazing through the sky.…


An Event Apart 2017 Discount Code

If you’d like to come along, I’ve got a discount code that will get you a cool $100 off the ticket price. Just use the code AEAPARM to redeem at the checkout. I make no secret that speaking at An…


America, here is why I love you.

I am proud to call America my second home, and I’ve toyed with living there permanently more times than I can count. On this day when emotions are running high, and sadness, anxiety, and trepidation is in the air for…


Geek Mental Health Week

This has been written as part of the Geek Mental Health Week – starting on Monday October 3rd 2016.  You can hear me read this as an audioblog – 8 minutes. T his time of year is a strange one…


Please help Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales are facing closure. They rehome 2500 dogs each year, working tirelessly for the wellbeing of each and every animal that passes through. The chances are, you’ve never heard of them; they don’t spend donations…


Healthy Dog Food

For those with fur-babies who are conscious of what is going into their tummies, I set myself a task a few weeks back after realising how much I was spending on Lily Kitchen every week (£2.20 per can, 1 can…