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Olive – a Sneak Preview

Thank you all so much for your interest in Olive, it’s great to have you here. Olive is currently in private beta and there’s lots of things that need adjusting before public release, however for those who are interested, here’s…


Olive – a Web App for Web Designers

About 6 months ago I found myself hunting for an app that did just what Olive is going to, I couldn’t find one so I set about developing it. Olive is a web app that allows designers to bolt on…


Why Design Competitions are Bad News for Everyone

Last week after hearing a few comments fit for from one particular client, I decided that I should start working out the 20% of my clients who bring in 80% of my revenue and focus on giving them a brilliant service,…


My Holiday Reading

So, I’ve just freshly jumped off the plane from Malaga back to cold old blightly. I took some interesting books on holiday with me but some were far better than others. The first book I delved into was one I…


Working Remotely – Good or Bad?

I currently am working alone in my office, however, I’m not really alone – there’s the Twitterverse and I am constantly talking to 3 other people who are all crucial in the business. There’s Roger who is part of the…


The Importance of Being Honest

Ok so it probably doesn’t bode well, my first blog post and I’m making a pun out of the great book title by Oscar Wilde…I hope you’ll stick with me anyway.  Last week I had an embarrassing situation crop up between me…