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2009 – The Year on Paper

Here we are again, we are at the end of another year and as Big Ben chimes in 2010 tonight, our heads are full of sparkling ideas and hopes for the New Year. My good chum Elliot Jay Stocks wrote…



Little rant for October, as this is happening more and more. You get an enquiry, you invest a lot of time into the potential client by sending numerous long emails regarding the project, best ways forward, best practises, budgets, and…


You Get What You Pay For

Yesterday I went to meet a new potential client who sells a very high end product (upwards of £70k per item) who also wants to produce a website for each product that is sold, to essentially give the purchaser a…


Snow Leopard – First Encounters

I thought it would be helpful to share some of my experiences of Snow Leopard with the web community, as we would have similar software and needs. We first installed Snow Leopard on my other half’s Black Macbook (2GB), it…


Hammer it Home

This is going to come across as a bit of a rant, but it’s a rant with purpose, it’s a rant that I feel every single person in the web design field can contribute to abolish. Let’s get one thing…


Why I Can’t Build a Website for £500

This never ceases to amaze me. I had a project enquiry come in yesterday, the client initially asked for a ‘Web 2.0 website built in flash”… to which I had to explain that those two words don’t really belong in…