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Rare Whisky

This is a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary blog post for me, but apparently, our industry loves whisky? I posted on Twitter last night about some rare whisky (or Whiskey if you’re American) that my Dad is in possession of and…


.net Award Shortlist = New Shiny

This was one of those products that stays in your Amazon wish list, and every time you buy a book, it sits just below the bar, winking at you, begging to be bought. I have fought the urge for about…


Goodies from OvenBits

I’ve just had a knock at the door from a lovely UPS man, who handed me a large box from the USA. I open it up to find it’s a box of goodies from my friends at OvenBits, who I’ve…


My 10 Things

I saw this on a completely unrelated blog via Pinterest and thought it would make a change from the normal questions I get asked about the industry. I’m happiest when… I am indoors, warm, and you hear the pitter patter…


Let’s Help a Small Business Owner

Meet Barry, Barry is the owner of Tabor-Jones Ltd a local building company in my area. Barry has slowly been building up his company from scratch over the past two years, through hard work and determination, like all good business…