Adobe XD Contest – Prototype your City.

I‘ve had the absolute joy of working on a couple of collaborations with Adobe this year already; something I feel very honoured to be a part of; as at least one element of the Creative Cloud Suite has been a part of my workflow since I started in this industry in 2003. What I especially like about both of the collaborations I’ve been a part of, is the way you, the community, get to be involved.

I’ve been using XD since the end of December and prior to that, I was a total newbie. You’re going to love some of the features that XD has over some of the prototyping software you may have been using, so here’s your opportunity to have a reason to pick it up (if you haven’t done so already) and potentially win a free year of Creative Cloud too – there’s 10 of those up for grabs for the best app. The person who scoops the Grand Prize will also win two tickets to Adobe Max in October (all expenses paid).

Download my free Adobe XD Project on Behance.


Download my free Adobe XD Project on Behance.

For the latest collaboration, I’ve put together an inspirational app for the “Prototype Your City” contest. It’s been such a joy to rediscover my love for where I live and go through my reams of pictures, picking out my favourite spots in the town to share with you all. I come from such a small place in England, it’s been lovely to feature some of the nooks and crannies of Southend-on-Sea.

I’d love for you to be involved in the latest contest. All you have to do is follow the simple rules set out by Adobe here.

In short, there’s three free icon kits for you to choose for your app, and you can incorporate them into your “Prototype Your City” app, whichever way you like and the best ones will win the prizes laid out above.

I would really love to see your work, it’s so thrilling to see new designers and established designers all working on a similar theme, and also to see the tweets start gently rolling in as you complete your designs. Feel free to ping me on twitter (@sazzy) with your finished design, include the hashtag #IconContestXD and I’ll try and respond to as many of you as possible.

Sketching the Prototype using Adobe Sketch for iPad Pro

Full disclosure: I’m not eligible to take part in this contest as I produced my app in collaboration with Adobe themselves, but you certainly can win the Adobe Max & Creative Cloud prizes. #ad