When I Instagrammed a picture of the office re-vamp I had loads of people asking via Twitter and Instagram where I got my desk from. I’ve never been one to hide my sources so here’s a little run down of what’s what.

I had a Scumble Goosie desk but the paint bubbled and the surface of the wood itself cracked after just a year of heavy use, plus I needed a more robust solution that made it easier for Kathryn and I to work side by side – the workbench idea formed.

They don’t make the exact legs anymore but they were from IKEA – similar here – £25 each.
The table top is a piece of Oak cut to 3m and with a thicker depth than a kitchen worktop purchased here for £185.

I then stained it with Ronseal Georgian Oak Wood Dye.

…and just preempting some other bits:

Geek Sign by Oh Dier
Chair – Aeron
Mousemat – Alupad Aluminium Surface Pad
The Secret – The Secret Deskpad

  • The only thing I would add is a nail to hang the cork board on!

    In all seriousness, I like the fact that there isn’t actually a divide between the two work spaces – makes pairing up on stuff really easy.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Steve, that was my thinking – I didn’t like the separation between two different desks when most of the time we were working on similar things. You’re right, I do need a nail though. It’s still perched on the rad!

  • That oak worktop looks stunning – I much prefer to feel natural wood under my wrists when working, the glossy tops in the office just are not the same.

  • Beautiful solution – elegant and very cost effective too! Seriously thinking about refactoring my office now…