Sarah Parmenter

Speaking Engagements

Sarah Parmenter Speaking

I’m taking on a limited number of speaking engagements in 2014 – I love my work and need office time, however, it’s always worth an ask!

  1. An Event Apart – Atlanta

    February 17th–19th 2014
    Atlanta, USA.

    The design conference for people who make websites.

  2. An Event Apart – Boston

    April 28th–29th 2014
    Boston, USA.

    The design conference for people who make websites.

  3. Giant Conference

    June 11th 2014
    South Carolina, USA.

    It’s coming to Charleston, South Carolina June 11-14, 2014 for four days of sessions about user experience, visual design, information architecture, branding, music, e-commerce, retail and more.


  1. An Event Apart, San Diego.

    San Diego, USA.
    May 20–22, 2013

  2. International Women’s Day

    Leigh-on-Sea, UK.
    March 8th 2013

  3. Responsive Day Out

    Brighton, UK.
    March 1st 2013

  4. Altitude.

    27th February 2013
    Portsmouth, UK.

  5. New Adventures 2013

    Nottingham, UK
    23rd-25th January 2013

  6. Refresh LX

    Lisbon, Portugal
    20th-21st September 2012

  7. An Event Apart

    Chicago, USA
    27th-29th August 2012

  8. An Event Apart

    Washington DC
    6th-8th August 2012

  9. An Event Apart

    Austin, USA
    9th-11th July 2012

  10. Front End Design Conference

    8th-9th June 2012

  11. Open Source Scotland

    12th-14th April 2012

  12. Lecture at University of Ulster

    Ulster, Belfast
    21st March 2012

  13. Front End Conference

    Oslo, Norway
    11th October 2011

  14. Flash on the beach

    Brighton, UK
    12th September 2011

  15. Update Conference

    Brighton, UK
    5th September 2011

  16. An Event Apart

    Minneapolis, USA
    8th-9th August 2011

  17. Interlink Conference

    Vancouver, Canada
    2nd-4th June 2011

  18. Future of Web Design

    London, UK
    16th-18th May 2011