Numi – A Calculator App for Mac

With my “salon” hat on, I have to do a lot of calculations per week. We keep track of individual stylist sales, downtime costs, product costs plus and minus VAT, you name it. Equally for You Know Who, I do a lot of USD -> GBP calculations. I stumbled upon Numi over the weekend, and it’s my new favourite app by a mile.

Currently in open beta – download it.

  • Downloading – I’m constantly going to Google to do conversions from Bahraini Dinars to British Pounds, since I moved out here. I began using Spotlight for the conversions, but soon found out it was ridiculously inaccurate.

  • Love this. The UI couldn’t be simpler, I love that I can edit things and it live updates the answer. I’m going to leave it sat on my desktop for a while and see how I use it.