Noizio – your Subtle Companion

I’m am very much a lazy music lover. I stick to curated playlists on Spotify, or playlists I made many moons ago when I had more time for such things. I have to be careful with what I listen to during the day, otherwise I find myself listening to the lyrics of songs, trying to work out what they *actually* mean, or just singing along at the top of my lungs.

Today, I found Noizio. A subtle mix of white-noise sounds to help you de-stress and focus.

I’m hooked.

  • Hey Sarah,

    Nice! Didn’t know that one! Hope its shuffle feature is better than the spotify one ;(
    Just had also a notification from you on Brewster, so that’s two services you are making me discover
    Kepp up the great work!

    Lionel / Designer / (Cameroon) Africa

  • I’ll definitely be trying this out at work! Sometimes creativity requires zero distractions.

  • This might be what the doctor ordered… noise but with no discernible pattern, I always start thinking of the verbal drum in my head in time to whatever i’m listening to, rather than think…

    And I very much enjoy the sound of rain.