New Desk

Those of you who know me know I have a penchant for anything made of wood. My trusty IKEA desk (only purchased just over 2 years ago) has now seen better days, cups of hot coffee have bubbled the surface and all sorts of strange marks and scratches now reside. I can’t complain though, it only cost about £30 and is over 200cm long, so it’s done me well.

Whilst browsing for new furniture for our house, I came across this picture:
Home office desk

I fell in love with the simplicity of having a desk like this, one that would stand the test of time and only look better with age. After hunting high and low from my office chair, I came up with absolutely nothing similar, so I asked my trusty twitter followers. As usual, they came through! Jay Greasley pointed me toward “Scumble Goosie” a wonderful bespoke furniture shop. I’ve just ordered a custom made desk, about 3/4 of the size I currently have and another 10cm deep, to try and help me distance myself further from my iMac.

I plumped for the unpainted version, just because the painted white version made it around another £200 more expensive, now the days are brightening up, I figured I’d give painting it a go myself in the garden and try my hand at “distressing” paintwork.

So, just thought I would share as I frequently get asked about my desk in my office Flickr set.

  • Blimey – thought I’d stumbled onto or!

    Very nice – getting in the right frame of mind is supposed to be half the battle, so this should help out lots!

  • Mat

    Do you not struggle with the depth of the desk? Looks very shallow.

  • U know what really works for me when it comes to furniture and interiors inspiration … checking out


  • Bit of a coincidence as we’ve just got round to ordering a wardrobe and chest of drawers from SG. I remembered their unique name from a magazine feature I saw years ago. As a bit of a fan of rustic scandinavian style it’s perfect for us. However, we too couldn’t afford the painting or distressing charges so are looking to do that ourselves – a bit nerver wracking on such big furniture. No idea where or how to start doing that either so if you find some tips, please do share!