• Bought one too! All because I saw your post about it; anxious to receive it and implement. Curious how you heard about it. There are so many out there, I can’t imagine how many more there will be or how much smarter they’ll get!

    • Sarah

      One of my friends on Facebook commented on their pre-order post asking how much the shipping to the UK would be – I looked it up, and after bad experiences with other “wearables” this one looks like it’s more up my street.

      I’d be interested to hear what you think about it when you receive it.

      • I will definitely check in when I get mine. I’ve also had bad experiences with other wearables; in fact, one gave me a rash on my wrist (*ahem* Fitbit).

        I like how this transitions so well to wear different ways, plus it looks really nice; I don’t have to hide it. As well, the price point was a nice touch—I was assuming it’d be much higher. May be because it’s an initial deploy.

  • I received my Leaf last Friday and have been using since—I absolutely love the physical piece (despite struggle to clip it to clothing), it’s beautiful, but the app leaves me wanting more. After I sync, I have to touch the section; Activity, Sleep or Breathing, for the data to show itself which was a bit disappointing. Unlike FitBit, where you can go right in and it syncs up instantly, even displaying update data as you’re walking with the app open. The sleep was fairly on point until last night, it recorded only 2h and 13min when I definitely went to bed at a decent time—averaged maybe 7 hours at least. I have yet to try out the breathing; however, I feel this feature is a benefit outside of how the app works or how beautiful the piece is. I enjoy the little tips it leaves from day-to-day, even if they’re so simple or obvious. I feel these trackers still have a ways to go but I’m not regretting my purchase…just yet.

    Curious to see how you like it—I’d seen on Instagram that you’d just gotten yours today 🙂

  • Stacey

    So disappointed with mine. I had a fitbug and although it was ugly as sin it worked! This is gorgeous to look at …. but thats about it. Sleep cant be edited and is erratic. Doesnt sync straight away unless touched and wont let you add calories/weight, track charts, really a bit sad.

    • Sarah

      I too am disappointed, entirely. I’m going to put mine on eBay or see if I can return it.