Healthy Dog Food

For those with fur-babies who are conscious of what is going into their tummies, I set myself a task a few weeks back after realising how much I was spending on Lily Kitchen every week (£2.20 per can, 1 can per dog per day – adds up!). I set about making semi-small batch dog food on a budget. I have a rescue Westie who is 8 months old, and another Westie who is 8 years old. Both need roughly the same amount of food per day (around 1 and 3/4 cups). I use the guideline found here.

Here’s a run down of what I use, all purchased from Lidl and all British Farm Assured meat.

  • Salmon Fillets (2 in a pack) – £2.60
  • Beef mince (800gm) – £2.80
  • Chicken Thighs (4 in a pack) – £2.60
  • Long grain rice (1 bag) – £0.60
  • Mixed Frozen Vegetables (peas, carrots etc) – £0.75
  • Butter beans (2 cans) – £0.35
  • Sweet potato (1 large) – £0.45

Cook meat separately.
In one large pan (I use one like this – it speeds the process up) cook the rice and vegetables together.
In another pan take half the vegetables and cook them with chopped sweet potato and butter beans (it’s important that they also have grain-free days so this is your base for that).
If I have eggs that are going out of date, I crack these into the hot mixture and let them cook with the hot rice to give them more protein.

It's obligatory to lick the bowl after preparation. Just like children...

It’s obligatory to lick the bowl after preparation. Just like children…

Mix chosen meats & fish with the prepared bases. For Oscar and Alfie it’s 1 3/4 cups of food per day, each. I measure these into freezer bag portions.

23 bags of dog food at around 45p each (roughly 2 cups per bag)

23 bags of dog food at around 45p each (roughly 2 cups per bag)

That’s it. The whole process takes about an hour and makes enough food to last my boys around 12 days.

Comparative Cost: 
£52.80 for 12 days of food with Lily Kitchen
£10.80 home-made.

  • marsha grasett

    Is it wrong that I find that recipe totally mouthwatering? 😉

  • I have two fur babies, and I also purchase Lily’s kitchen for them as it is the only food they will eat (other than if I cook something for them!).

    I bought the book by Lily’s kitchen which has a great number of recipes in, it has a good breakdown of ways to give them the vitamins and minerals they need and herbs that can be helpful to specific ailments! I cooked for them for a few months, however I found that one of my dogs wasn’t gaining weight very well. The vet told me that it is very difficult to get the correct nutrition when you home cook, so I had to go back to the costly Lily’s kitchen. I don’t mind though, anything for the babies!

    Hope the home cooking goes well for your two! 🙂 Also, try them with some fruit! (Bananas, apples, blueberries and strawberries are the fruits of choice for my pups)