Handy Shortcuts and Timesavers

This is an almost incomprehensible list of handy shortcuts and timesavers that were sent to me from Twitter followers and friends yesterday. I promised I would blog, so here they are. Thank you to everyone who sent them in, we think we’ve just about caught them all.

Apologies that the formatting is a little hard, there’s no easy way to credit everyone and present such a huge list, and since Kathryn has been doing this all day, she needs a cup of tea now! Enjoy as best you can.


Sublime 2James Seymour-Lock, Tane Piper, Aaron.
Also love the ST2 shortcuts – just the default, such as multiple cursors, quick moving of code etc. Coding so much quicker now! – Rachel Shillcock.
Ctrl+P to open files by title, and Ctrl+R to go to functions by name, both in Sublime Text 2. Simple, yet effective. – Gonçalo Morais.
zenCoding in Sublime Text 2 + CodeKitPrisca Schmarsow.
Zen-coding(Now Emmet), Sublime Text 2’s multi cursors. CodeKit to compile jade, LESS etc. I can now design in browser quickly. – Chris Mousdale.
Code snippets in Coda 2. –Stuart Robson.
I made a Text Expander snippet: for designing in a browser. >out Expands to: outline 1px solid red; – Andy Clarke.
Turning off autocorrect everywhere and using my own Text Expander snippets to correct. –Pam McCormac.
Hayaku is like that but has been a revelation for my css writing this week. Only if you use Sublime Text though I think. – Liam Jay.
Ctrl + shift + c – to comment / uncomment whole chunks of code in netbeans. saves a lot of time. – Fearless Flyer.
Beanstalk for deploying websites. – Steve McKinney.
SASS + Compass. – Johnny Martin.
Front end, html 5 boilerplate is win! – Drew Watson.
The Query Extender control saves me loads of time manipulating data. –Drew Watson.
Dash (+ multiple snippets for coding) – Prisca Schmarsow.
Using Divvy for rapid testing at different viewport widths http://cole007.net/blog/110/using-divvy-for-rapid-testing-of-responsive-designCole Henley.


Ctrl+E to merge in Photoshop, multi-line editing in NotePad++, F2 to rename in Windows, Win+D to minimise everything – the list is endless! – Luc Pestille.
Ctrl+Alt+R uploads a png of my current Photoshop doc to CloudApp then copies the link to clipboard. Always feels so efficient! – Chloe Briggs.
Cmd + F6 for a Photoshop action that slices whatever layers are selected into a new window so I can easily save it: http://dribbble.com/shots/366877-SliceExtractor. – Jenni Leder.
Opt + click on the Eye Icon in Photoshop will hide the other layers from view. – Beardy.
Theres a duplicate group function between files in Photoshop CS6 ..Best ever! not quite a shortcut but as far as time savers go. Open both files, In source file right click said group, choose ‘Duplicate Group.’ choose destination filename from dropdown. Hit OK. – Brendan Devine.

Software and General Shortcuts

Alt+Space for Alfred App – Robert Eerhart, Johnathan Barrett, Rachel Shillcock, Wes Maynard, Aaron, Dan Mall.
⌘+§ : Alfred (appLaunch+ calculator) – Prisca Schmarsow.
Biggest time saver for me is in Alfred App, Alt-Cmd-/ opens up the previous path. Garrett Coakley.
Installing http://dashkards.com on my dashboard for easy reference for loads of shortcuts. I use the markdown one constantly. – Relly Annett-Baker, Ollie Wells.
Mail.app smart mailboxes. I divide my inbox up into today thisweek thismonth etc. It’s not inbox zero. But makes mail manageable. – The Sev.
Smart folders is genius. I also have gmail auto filter stuff into folders and then just have a smart folder pointing at it. I then have all normal folders hidden and just watch smart folders. Makes life easier, both management wise and mentally. – The Sev.
“Cmd + Ctrl + 4” for grabbing selected screenshots on OS X. So handy. #shortcuts #osx – Adrian Hart.
Cmd+shift+g to get around finder folders quickly. Cmd+opt+shift+s PS save for web. – Aaron.
Bizarrely using CMD + Spacebar as a launcher. Though Quicksilver and Alfred are better at learning. – Josh Peters.
Cmd + \ to login with 1Password in browsers. Didn’t realize how much it’d save me till I started using it. – James Wilson.
I think it would maybe be the web clipper plugin for Evernote. Quick and easy to capture web content & add to “>Evernote. – Chris.
Windows + E for launching Explorer. I must hit that combo 30-40+ times per day! – Mark Hambley.
On the Mac: Command + Tab to shuffle through open applications, it’s a simple one, but saves a ton of time. – Prof Clayton.
Mac: Option + Left or Right Arrow while edit text to jump words at at time. Add Shift key to the mix for extra fun. – Jeffrey Lynch.
I have my Pomodoro App scripted to close email and Twitter at the start of each session. – Drew McLellan.
Dull but it’s CMD Tab to switch windows and CMD+Alt + Arrow direction in Chrome to switch tabs. – Alistair Lane.
Msg Filer to move emails to their correct folder within Mail.app from the keyboard with minimal key presses. – Rob Allen.
Cmd+Shift+! for Cloud App, Ctrl+Shift+Space for Cobook, Cmd+’ for indent level in Mail.app. – Dan Mall.
Installing Cloud App and learning its shortcuts for speedy screenshot sharing – v useful for bug reports. – Ben Bodien.
Ctrl+v to open Clip Menu – free clipboard manager & code snippet tool. Love it as much as Alfred App. – Vittorio Veneto.
In Chrome – Cmd Shift T reopens the tab you just mistakenly closed. – Elliot Ross.
It’s a small thing but Alt Shift – gives you a much nicer em dash. – Stewart Curry.
The combination of CoffeeScript, LESS, CodeKit and TextMate with Persistent Includes. Solid gold. – Chriztian Steinmeier.
Canned responses in GMail combined with TextExpander work really well for me for handling lots of regular email stuff. – Des Traynor.
Cmd shift and d in mail app. – James Deer.
CleanMyMac from Macpaw – Constantly keeping my mac optimum and clearing space. – Carl W Crawley.
Ctrl-r in the terminal to search through command history. – Joseph Le Brech.

  • Stuart Swindells

    I’ve found this useful: http://taras.net/lock-screen-shortcut-in-os-x
    Allows you to set a keyboard shortcut to lock your machine without having to put it into sleep mode.

  • About Sublime 2, i’d recommend two links by nettutsplus:
    – some tips and tricks
    – a free video course by Jeffrey Way
    Trully helping.

  • Cmd + / (presumably Ctrl + / on Windows) can be used to comment out blocks of code in Sublime Text 2 similarly to how Fearless Flyer mentioned for Netbeans.

    Setting up TextExpander with various templates for things. Main ones for me are basic HTML5 code chunk, basic jQuery function wrapper, and my basic Sass template that lays out variables. But, as I recall seeing you mentioning on twitter, TextExpander is an amazing tool for many things code (also typo) related.

  • Thanks Sarah for sharing such a detailed list. Perhaps you might mention us in a future post if you like our free to use responsive design testing tool.

  • Text Expander is a really handy tool in so many ways, I have a snippet

    %clipboard with the abbrevation ;cc

    Whenever I need to paste something and strip all the formatting this works everytime, useful for getting rid of Microsoft Word proprietry formatting when pasting content into a WordPress blog for example. I keep finding new jobs to do for this software all the time!

    I set up a little macro in Text Expander to comment out chunks of php and html spaghetti code that you typically may get in WordPress. Useful for me as a new WordPress user and relatively inexperienced coder. Here is the code. Simply select the block of code you want to comment out, cut it then use the abbreviation to bring it back with the comments surrounding it so nothing gets parsed.


    • Sarah

      Wow, they are two great snippets Jonathan, thanks for sharing.