Design Is a Job

After taking my copy of “Design Is a Job” from London, to Miami, home to London and then back out to Austin (via a swimming pool somewhere along the way) my copy is looking a little battered and bruised.

This book is basically all the mistakes I learnt over 10 years of business, rolled into something you could read in a day or so. It’s cohesive and easy to reference back to. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on pricing entitled “Charging for Your Work – even for someone like me, who thinks they’ve got it all figured out by now, I still came away having learnt a lot, or in some cases, relieved to find I was operating the same already.

Mike is also a very humorous writer. I found myself laughing out loud on my AA flight to Chicago at some of the asides or flippant remarks he makes throughout the text. This is something I commend the whole
“A Book Apart” series on actually; keeping the tone of the author intact at all times; it makes for a much more enjoyable read.

I’ll be handing my copy straight to my intern. If you haven’t got your copy because you think you know it all already, or are of a senior position within your team, think again – spend the $18, I promise it’ll be worth it.

  • abracadave

    Damn Sazzy, you should be in sales… now, where did I put my CC?

  • Love that series of books. They have such character. No two are the same and while snorting and giggling about the little things, you actually learn something. That’s called a win in my book.

  • It is a superb read, full of useful tips and advice. I made so many notes while reading it! Put simply, it’s by far the most useful book I’ve ever ready when it comes to the business side of design.

  • Brad

    Ha, That’s awesome. And really if you’re ‘A Book Apart’ books don’t look like this, it means that you have it read it enough.

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  • Just bought the ‘A Book Apart’ library…hope they have you on commission!

    • Gareth – regardless if she gets commission or not, the entire series is a wonderful read and well worth the money in my opinion. I decided when I bought each one, that I would get the bundle including the ebook, so now that I finally managed to get a kindle (thanks for the gift mom), I have them both in hard copy AND in kindle form, so I can easily take the whole set with me whereever I go. Love it!

      And – I agree 100% with what Sarah says – the Design is a Job book should be the definitive handbook on what NOT to do and how to do it right in freelance or design shops around the globe.

  • Bill

    Sazzy well put and I agree completely on the books from A Book Apart. I will everyone of them soon and each is a great tool to have here on my desk at home or at the office.

  • Jess Stuart

    A former colleague and friend of mine recommended that I check out this book – despite me not being a designer. I’m actually a newly-turned-freelance digital copywriter. Would you all say the principles and advice you found in the book applicable to someone like me, as well?

  • nice book for a dummy man, i was in page 35 when my mind starts to think that i will be a great designer someday.

  • Everyone else has already said it, but a great read for professional and non professionals alike.