You Know Who Logo Refresh

You Know Who Brand Refresh

Over Christmas I’ve been a busy bee, not just with work but with some personal bits and pieces too. So after someone called the You Know Who website “Pretty”, I’ve been thinking of ways to refresh the brand and the site so that it’s not so “girly” and a bit more focused.

The first stop was the logo, now with a name like You Know Who you can’t really go too serious, it doesn’t fit – that’d be like having ‘Buckingham Palace’ written in Comic Sans, the two just don’t go. About 3 years ago I redesigned the logo to be a bit more fun (the old was Kabel and Kabel Bold, that’s how adventurous I was back then!) but recently I’ve been looking at it and realising it doesn’t “balance” very well, there was something about it that was a bit visually jarring to me so I sat down and looked about refreshing the logo using a mixture of ligatures and hand drawn curves to give it a bit more flow visual interest.

And… here it is:
YKW Refresh

Not a million miles apart, I got rid of the gimmicky question mark as it never became a “stamp” as I had hoped I would use it, it just never made sense to use part of an “o” with a question mark in it as it wouldn’t be recognisable. I bought some characters much closer together, joined up others and generally gave it a bit of a tidy. I’m happy with the result and in the end, no drastic new fonts or change of logo entirely as I had originally anticipated.

  • I like the branding switch a lot! Like you said its not a million miles apart but I think the subtle changes added much more to the type as a unit. Just dropping the ? seemed to add more character with that awesome little loop in the o. The y and o visually connect your eye more w/ and entrance & exit as well.

    NIce update!

  • Very nice evolution, Sarah. I think all the changes were for the better. Is the typeface Candy Script?

    Also, I didn’t realize that you were getting married… congratulations!

  • Well done Sarah – new logo looks really nice and I like the subtle tweaks that you have made. Dropped the question mark is the way forward.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Sul

    The switch is pretty good, nice and subtle but keeping with the original concept and branding. Dropping the ‘?’ seems like a more mature in your abilities type of decision (if that makes sense).

    I do like that style of text logo’s I did something similar a little while back which I still look at and like (so it must be half decent at least :P).

    • Sarah

      Thanks Sul, just went to have a nose at that link and it doesn’t work though?

  • Hello Sarah. You have a nice blog, it’s good to have you around.

    The ‘you know who’ logo is great. Funny and easy, but destipe the great changes in typography (making the logo a bit more playful, good) I prefer the old one with the question mark. It gives the logo a lot more identity and uniqueness.

    Take care,

    • Sarah

      Hi Bart,

      The logo recently had a drastic overhaul, even after making the subtle changes to the typography, I wasn’t 100% happy with the outcome. The new logo will be rolled out soon. Thanks for your comments though.