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The year I decided that opening a Blow Dry Bar that was super geeky – was a good idea. Everything you see here, from print, to website to art direction of photography, was done in three months, by me. We…



This was a major project for me, mainly because it took me off the radar for 18 months while we worked on it. Readr was one of those projects I’ll never forget, taking it from initial sketch stage right through…


News International

A year long project working with the fantastic team at News International, to make sense of data for an internal user interface. This project was a challenge as I was handed documents full of data, and asked to make an…


Past Work

Yes it’s old, yes it has gradients and buttons that look like buttons, and pre-iOS7 aesthetics, but I’m sure you can look through all that and still appreciate good design? Here’s a selection of projects from yonder years, gone, fulfilled…


Gracefully Bowing Out of Giant Conference

I pulled out of Giant Conference because I recently found out a significant number of speakers were being paid, when I had to fight to get my full travel expenses reimbursed. Speakers with whom, I regularly share a stage. I…