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Leaf by Bellabeat

I ordered mine last night. The Leaf by Bellabeat is the first tracker of its kind specifically designed for women. It helps you monitor your activity, sleep quality, stress levels and also understands your (or your partners) menstrual cycle. Shipping…


Putting Yourself in the Frame

You can listen to me read this as an audio-blog (2 minutes). This blog has been going since 2001. I borrowed my Dad’s credit card in 1999 (although my WHOIS registrar curiously says 2004 but WayBackMachine has 2001 listed) and…


The Crossroads of Should and Must

You can listen to me read this as an audio-blog (2 minutes). “Is there anywhere around here I can buy index cards?” Elle exclaimed, almost like a creative energy had just ignited and she needed to feed it right there…


Drawn on The Way

You can listen to me read this as an audio-blog. (2 minutes) Back in March, after a particularly bad day, I found myself deep in thought, slightly teary and giving myself an internal pep talk, whilst staring at the many…


Noizio – your Subtle Companion

I’m am very much a lazy music lover. I stick to curated playlists on Spotify, or playlists I made many moons ago when I had more time for such things. I have to be careful with what I listen to…


Keeping Me Busy Today

I’m just putting the finishing touches to this blog post before running out of work and heading to the School of Visual Arts, NYC – to speak to some students tonight. Very honoured. I love speaking to students. Here’s a…